20 Savory Cold Weather Comfort Pumpkin Recipes

Pumpkins are not just for sweets! In this article, I’ll share some of my favorite savory pumpkin recipes, perfect for fall lunches and dinners. Imagine creamy pumpkin soups, flavorful stuffed pumpkins, and mouthwatering pumpkin pasta sauces and risottos, all intended to bring out the rich, earthy flavors of this beloved gourd. These delicious pumpkin recipes will add a cozy and tasty touch to your autumn meals, and many of them will be perfect for your Thanksgiving dinner table.

Creamy Pumpkin & Mushroom Risotto

A bowl of creamy pumpkin risotto topped with mushrooms.
Photo Credit: The Peasant’s Daughter.

If you love a good risotto, then this delicious savory pumpkin risotto with mushrooms is one you have to try. The creaminess from the pumpkin combined with the richness of parmesan and meaty mushrooms makes this dish a real crowd-pleaser.

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Pumpkin Pasta Bake

Baked pasta.
Photo Credit: Plant Based On A Budget.

Tender pasta tossed into a pumpkin-infused herb sauce.

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Stuffed Pumpkin With Mushroom, Rice, & Cranberries

A large orange pumpkin stuffed with rice and veggies.
Photo Credit: Something Sweet Something Savoury.

This stuffed pumpkin with mushroom rice and cranberries makes a stunning centerpiece for a celebratory meal. Tender roasted pumpkin stuffed with a mixture of basmati and wild rice, onions, mushrooms, cranberries, pecans, and fresh herbs.  

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Roast Pumpkin Salad With Chorizo

A white bowl full of salad with roasted veggies and pumpkin.
Photo Credit: Eat Love Eat.

An incredible roast pumpkin salad with chorizo and quinoa. This salad is like no other, giving you all the comforting fall/winter feels and leaving you feeling super satisfied. This salad is taken to new levels with a smoky dressing and crunchy caramelized pumpkin seeds to top it off.

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Pumpkin Chicken Pot Pie

Baked savory pie with lattice.
Photo Credit: Amanda’s Cookin.’

Savory pumpkin chicken pot pie will fill your bellies and warm your soul. Fresh pumpkin provides subtle winter squash flavor and pairs beautifully with chicken and flaky puff pastry.

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Pumpkin Gnocchi Recipe with Sage Brown Butter Sauce

A large white bowl full of gnocchi on a blue tablecloth.
Photo Credit: Pinch Me I’m Eating.

Homemade pumpkin gnocchi is made from mashed potato, pureed pumpkin, and a hint of warming spices that make this pasta dish feel like fall! The gnocchi is paired with a simple brown butter sauce with toasted pine nuts and crispy sage, making a truly restaurant-worthy dish you can execute at home.

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Creamy Gnocchi with Pumpkin Sauce and Bacon

A large pot full of creamy pumpkin gnocchi  with cheese, bacon, and herbs on top.
Photo Credit: All In The Family Recipes.

Another gnocchi recipe because I love them. Pillowy, soft potato gnocchi covered in a rich and creamy sauce and topped with bacon is the definition of comfort food.

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Thai Pumpkin Curry

A large skillet full of Thai pumpkin curry.
Photo Credit: Get Inspired Everyday!

Creamy and so easy to make, this Thai pumpkin curry with chicken is a simple family dinner recipe. Try serving this dish with freshly steamed rice and a side of veggies. This curry is naturally gluten-free and dairy-free.

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Stuffed Mini Pumpkins (Jack Be Little Farcies)

Stuffed mini pumpkins.
Photo Credit: Jill Colonna.

Stuffed Mini Pumpkins are versatile for parties, as side dishes, as a starter, or even as a main course. Stuff with mushrooms and other essential ingredients or adapt this basic recipe to your creativity. For non-vegetarians, add some bacon!

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Savoury Pumpkin Semolina Waffles

A platter with orange colored pumpkin waffles.
Photo Credit: J Cooking Odyssey.

Savoury waffles made with semolina are crispy perfection. Ideal for breakfast or brunch, these eggless waffles are packed with pumpkin and mixed vegetables. They quickly come together in 30 minutes and it is an excellent freezer-friendly recipe too.

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Pumpkin Pasta With Bacon

Creamy orange pasta with bacon.
Photo Credit: The Healthy Epicurean.

Creamy pumpkin pasta with bacon is a classic and hearty dish full of flavor.

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Vegetarian Stuffed Pumpkins

A small pumpkin stuffed with rice, mushrooms, and other veggies on a grey play.
Photo Credit: Occasionally Eggs.

These stuffed pumpkins are just right for a holiday dinner anytime from September right through until about February when pumpkins are in season or winter storage. With a flavourful rice and mushroom filling, they look beautiful for serving and make a lovely meal for a gathering.

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Pumpkin Goat Cheese Brioche Twist

A twisted brioche loaf in a white bread pan topped with pumpkin seeds.
Photo Credit: Sweet ReciPEAs.

This beautiful pumpkin goat cheese brioche twist is a savory pumpkin brioche loaf filled with goat cheese and topped with pumpkin seeds.

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Pumpkin And Bacon Bisque

Three bowls of orange pumpkin soup.
Photo Credit: Plan. Eat. Post. Repeat.

Creamy pumpkin soup with bacon is one of the best flavor combinations.

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Creamy Pumpkin Alfredo (20 Minute Recipe)

A pot full of creamy orange pumpkin sauce and taglietelle pasta.
Photo Credit: Busy Day Dinners.

Imagine a creamy sauce infused with the subtle and comforting sweetness of pumpkin puree, mingling with garlic and parmesan cheese.

Not only is pumpkin Alfredo a delicious seasonal cozy meal, but it’s also a fast dinner idea that uses leftover canned pumpkin.

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Pumpkin And Ricotta Stuffed Pasta Shells

A round baking dish full of stuffed pasta shells covered in a cheesy, creamy sauce.
Photo Credit: It’s Not Complicated Recipes.

Stuffed shells are the ultimate comfort food. The shells are filled with full-flavored ricotta and pumpkin filling and topped with creamy garlic and parmesan sauce. And then, it is topped with more grated parmesan to finish it off, and this bakes to golden deliciousness.

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Roasted Pumpkin Sweet Potato Soup

Two bowls of orange pumpkin soup dotted with cream and dried cranberries.
Photo Credit: My Pure Plants.

If you are looking for the easiest pumpkin and sweet potato soup, this recipe will fit the bill completely. It is literally only 3 steps. Roast the veggies. Sauté the onion and boil the soup. Blend it until creamy. Seasoned with thyme it is a herby, refreshing cream soup.

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Pumpkin Galette

A round galette topped with veggies and cut into four pieces.
Photo Credit: In The Kitch.

Crispy, flaky pastry surrounds a rich pumpkin filling, making this pumpkin galette a delicious savory twist on the classic pumpkin pie. Shallots, goat cheese and fresh thyme enhance the savory flavor of the homemade pastry and pure pumpkin purée. This dish feels warm and comforting, and fills your home with a wonderful aroma as it’s baking.

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Chickpea Pumpkin Curry

Two bowls of pumpkin curry with chunks of veggies served in bowls with naan.
Photo Credit: Occasionally Eggs.

This is a really comforting pumpkin chickpea curry without tomatoes, precisely what’s needed on chilly evenings. It’s not a traditional curry but rather a kind of mix between a Thai and Indian curry, with a thinner base made with coconut milk and a dry spice mix adding lots of savory flavor. Serve it with naan or rice.

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Pumpkin Salad

Two hands cradle a bowl full of roasted pumpkin and beet salad.
Photo Credit: Occasionally Eggs.

This pumpkin salad is packed with seasonal veg like beets and radishes, then topped with a gorgeous creamy tahini dressing – autumn in a bowl.

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Cozy Fall Soups & Stews

Chicken noodle soup.
Photo Credit: The Peasant’s Daughter.

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One Pot Comfort Meals

Photo Credit: Envato Elements.

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Family Favorites

A skillet of ground beef and noodles.
Photo Credit: Envato Elements.

These are my favorite recipes for lazy family Sundays.

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