25 Decadently Cheesy Pasta Recipes

Indulge in the ultimate comfort food with these 25 decadently cheesy pasta recipes. From the classic richness of mac and cheese to innovative dishes that twist traditional flavors, each recipe promises to satisfy your cheese cravings. Perfect for cozy nights in or feeding a crowd, these pasta dishes are packed with gooey goodness and flavorful surprises. Get ready to treat yourself to some seriously cheesy delights.

Cheesy German Spaetzle

A casserole dish full of cheesy spaetzle, or German käsespätzle.
Photo Credit: The Peasant’s Daughter.

This is a traditional and authentic recipe for käsespätzle, or German cheese spaetzle noodle dumplings. They are smothered in gooey cheese and caramelized onions and then baked until bubbly. This is simple comfort food at its best and an easy favorite family recipe of mine.

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Basil Pesto Pasta with Pancetta

Pesto pasta.
Photo Credit: Envato.

Combining fresh basil with crispy pancetta and topping it with parmesan cheese makes for a delicious and simple dinner. You can also add your favorite veggies to this recipe.

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Cheese Tortellini with Sausage Ragu

Baked cheese tortellini pasta with Italian sausage ragu sauce, topped with melted mozzarella cheese and fresh basil, served in a black bowl with fork.
Photo Credit: Modern Honey.

Indulge in comforting cheese tortellini paired with a hearty sausage ragu—a perfect blend of savory flavors for a satisfying weeknight meal.

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Spicy And Creamy Swedish Meatball Pasta

Spicy and creamy Swedish meatball pasta in mushroom sauce, garnished with parmesan shavings, served on a white plate.
Photo Credit: Cooking Gorgeous.

Elevate your pasta game with the perfect mix of spice and creaminess in this Swedish meatball pasta that’s sure to add a flavorful kick to your dinner routine.

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Spinach Havarti Mac And Cheese

Photo Credit: Life As A Strawberry.

This easy spinach and Havarti mac and cheese is ready in just 30 minutes! Made entirely on the stovetop with an ultra-creamy cheese sauce.

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Southern Baked Mac And Cheese

Photo Credit: Envato Elements.

One of the most popular creamy-cheesy pasta recipes is a creamy Southern baked mac and cheese—this one comes with a secret ingredient! It is the best baked mac and cheese recipe that you can find. This ultimate comfort food is perfect for Sunday dinner or a holiday celebration.

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Slovak Bryndzové Halušky (Potato Dumplings with Cheese & Bacon)

A bowl of creamy bryndzové halušky topped with caramelized onions and bacon.
Photo Credit: The Peasant’s Daughter.

Technically — these are dumplings, but I don’t care. This recipe is incredible and a national dish of Slovakia. This version is my Slovak mother-in-law’s recipe, and everyone needs to try it.

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Hatch Green Chile Mac And Cheese

Mac and cheese with hatch green chile, adorned with crispy cooked bacon, served in a bowl.
Photo Credit: Chicken Fried Kitchen.

Enjoy a touch of Southwest flair with Hatch green chile mac and cheese, where the bold flavors of green chiles meet the creamy goodness of classic mac and cheese.

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Cajun Chicken And Shrimp Pasta

Cajun Chicken and Shrimp Pasta in creamy garlic sauce, topped with grated cheese and chopped herbs in a white bowl.
Photo Credit: Cooking Gorgeous.

Spice up your dinner with Cajun chicken and shrimp pasta—bringing a taste of the bayou to your table, effortlessly combining bold Cajun flavors with succulent seafood.

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High Protein Butternut Squash Cottage Cheese Pasta

Photo Credit: Avocado Skillet.

This high-protein butternut squash cottage cheese pasta is a delicious vegetarian recipe. It is just so flavorful and creamy. This is a cottage cheese recipe for cottage cheese haters.

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Creamy Pesto Tortellini Bake With Mozzarella

Photo Credit: Cup of Flour.

If you are a fan of comfort food, then you will definitely enjoy this creamy pesto tortellini bake topped with mozzarella cheese. It is a perfect combination of creaminess, cheesiness, pesto flavor, and heartiness, which makes it a perfect dish for colder months. Let me guide you through the simple steps on how to make this delicious pasta bake, which will be your new favorite.

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Greek Chicken Casserole

Greek chicken casserole with rotini pasta, topped with melted feta and mozzarella cheese, served on a white plate and garnished with veggies.
Photo Credit: Sula and Spice.

Dive into the simplicity and heartiness of a Greek chicken casserole, where classic Mediterranean flavors come together for a wholesome, easy-to-make dish.

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Lemon Ricotta Pasta

Photo Credit: A Cedar Spoon.

Lemon Ricotta Pasta melds the sharp, fresh taste of lemon with the smooth luxury of ricotta cheese, creating a dish that’s both flavorful and creamy. Fresh spinach and Parmesan cheese are intertwined with the pasta, and a garnish of fresh parsley tops it off. This dish serves as an excellent foundation for adding proteins such as white beans, chickpeas, shrimp, salmon, or chicken.

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Easiest Seafood Alfredo

Seafood alfredo pasta served in a white plate with a spoon and fork, garnished with fresh chopped parsley, grated parmesan, and ground pepper.
Photo Credit: West Coast Kitchen Garden.

Treat yourself to the easiest seafood Alfredo—a quick, delicious seafood pasta that’s creamy, satisfying, and perfect for a hassle-free dinner.

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Spaghetti With Alfredo Sauce

Spaghetti with alfredo sauce serve in a white plate with fork, garnished with parmesan cheese, black pepper, and minced parsley.
Photo Credit: Simply Made Eats.

Whip up a creamy Alfredo sauce in just 15 minutes to elevate your spaghetti night. This is a quick and delicious meal that the whole family will love.

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Easy Lobster & Seafood Ravioli Cream Sauce Recipe

Lobster ravioli with creamy sauce, served in a black pasta bowl with a fork, garnished with fresh thyme and a lemon slice.
Photo Credit: Tabetha’s Table.

Impress your taste buds with an easy lobster and seafood ravioli in a creamy sauce—decadent flavors without the gourmet hassle.

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Creamy One-Pot Pasta With Ricotta And Lemon

One Pot Pasta with Ricotta and Lemon served in a white bowl, garnished with shredded parmesan cheese, fresh sliced lemon, fresh basil, and extra parmesan cheese.
Photo Credit: Milk Glass Home.

Experience the simplicity of a one-pot pasta dish with ricotta and lemon—easy, creamy, and bursting with citrus freshness.

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The BEST One Pot Taco Macaroni and Cheese

One pot taco macaroni and cheese serve in a pasta bowl with melted cheese, garnished with chopped spring onions and tomatoes, surrounded by veggies, condiments, and a spoon.
Photo Credit: xoxoBella.

Savor the best of both worlds with a one-pot taco macaroni and cheese, combining classic comfort food with the bold flavors of tacos.

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Quick Spaghetti Bolognese

Spaghetti with bolognese sauce in a pasta bowl, garnished with chopped parsley and grated parmesan cheese, served with a fork. Accompanied by a condiment bowl filled with additional chopped parsley.
Photo Credit: The Foodie Blogger.

Enjoy a quick and satisfying spaghetti Bolognese, a timeless favorite that delivers rich, savory goodness without the fuss.

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Scallop Recipe with Cream Sauce

Scallops with fettuccine pasta and cream sauce served in a white plate, garnished with grated parmesan cheese and a sprinkle of chopped parsley.
Photo Credit: Will Cook For Smiles.

Delight in a scallop recipe with cream sauce, bringing elegance to your dinner table with succulent scallops in a velvety, flavorful sauce.

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Creamy Chicken and Chorizo Pasta Recipe

Photo Credit: A Cedar Spoon.

Pasta is combined with diced chicken, ground chorizo, red bell peppers, roasted red peppers, diced tomatoes, cream, and Parmesan cheese to create a flavorful and comforting pasta dish. The leftovers are even more delicious!

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Kimchi Mac & Cheese

Kimchi mac and cheese served in a pasta bowl, garnished with chopped cilantro and green onions.
Photo Credit: Sift & Simmer.

Spice up your mac and cheese game with Kimchi Mac & Cheese, a fusion of creamy comfort and bold Korean flavors for a delightful twist.

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Bacon Spaghetti Recipe With A Creamy Garlic Sauce

Bacon spaghetti served in a pasta bowl with a fork and white table napkin, sprinkled with chopped bacon and fresh parsley.
Photo Credit: The Bonnie Fig.

Elevate your spaghetti experience with a bacon spaghetti recipe featuring a creamy garlic sauce—simple, flavorful, and satisfying.

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The Best Creamy Tuscan Pasta Recipe With Sardines

Creamy tuscan pasta with parmesan sauce and sardines served in a pasta bowl, garnished with shredded parmesan cheese and sardines. Accompanied by two forks, a white table napkin, extra shredded parmesan in a condiments bowl, and garlic.
Photo Credit: The Bonnie Fig.

Indulge in the delightful and richly flavored Tuscan pasta, generously infused with sardines’ unique and savory taste. This creamy pasta dish is a perfect blend of Tuscan spices and the distinct flavor of sardines. You’re sure to have an unforgettable dining experience.

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Rigatoni D Copycat (Blackened Chicken With Mushroom Sauce)

Photo Credit: Chicken Fried Kitchen.

This recipe is a copycat of Maggiano’s Rigatoni D dish, which is a delicious Italian comfort food that boasts of creamy flavors and textures. The dish is made using a single Dutch oven and features blackened chicken strips that add a slight spiciness to the pasta. Together, they make for a truly impressive dish.

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