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A tall woman with long brown hair is wearing a white dress and holding a duck. Her son, a toddler stands next to her, facing away from the camera. It is summer.

Hi! I’m Jana Dziak!

I left the city behind for rural country life, and we’re raising and growing food on our small 3-acre homestead. I share budget-friendly, traditional European and American recipes made from scratch that families love.

Family photo: me, my husband and our two young sons sitting on a stone wall.
coming fall of 2024

Peasant Soups

soups & stews from Slavic and Central European cuisines

A journey back to the rustic kitchens of our mothers and ancestors with a collection of nourishing soups and stews from Slavic and Central European cuisine. These recipes tell the story of our heritage in every nutrient-dense bowl of old-world peasant cooking. This cookbook offers timeless recipes that have sustained families for centuries.

More information and pre-ordering available soon.

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