Roasted Strawberry Vanilla Custard Ice Cream (REAL Homemade Ice Cream)

This is real, old-fashioned ice cream that tastes the way you dream of ice cream tasting — decadent and creamy. I use pure (REAL) cream, slow-roasted strawberries, a vanilla bean pod, and honey to sweeten this rich summer dessert that will win you over from anything you have had before.

If you’re still buying ice cream made from substandard dairy, cheap ingredients, dyes, and fillers — may I suggest you switch over to making your own? It’s very easy, the taste difference is astonishing, and you will save money in the long-run.

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REAL Homemade Ice-Cream | Vanilla Custard Ice-Cream & Roasted Strawberries

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Yes, You Need An Ice-Cream Maker For Homemade Ice-Cream

I’m sorry but yes, you very much need an ice-cream maker.

Homemade ice-cream made without an ice cream maker is just not living up to its best potential. It will not be creamy and smooth, it will be lacking something. That something is churning while quickly freezing the milk/cream.

I have tried the no ice-cream maker recipes, and they just don’t cut it. I’m not wasting expensive ingredients on that.

I bought my machine barely-used online, so check out Kijiji, Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace etc as you can likely find one that way.

The model I have is the same one that America’s Test Kitchen recommended and I consider them one of the last places online with trustworthy reviews.

Luckily it’s relatively inexpensive to buy new too:

$56.70 — Cuisinart ICE-21PK Frozen Yogurt – Ice Cream & Sorbet Maker

Pure Cream Vanilla Custard

There are different ways to make ice-cream, you can use a mixture of milk and cream, all milk, or as I do here — 100% pure raw, grass-fed guernsey cream fresh from my farmer.

This is an old-fashioned homemade vanilla custard ice-cream with honey-roasted strawberries made only with REAL cream. This is as traditional and decadent as ice-cream gets. No fillers, no refined sugars; sweetened with local honey and strawberries.

This a truly nutrient-dense dessert made from some real superfood ingredients.

First, we make the custard with cream, egg yolks, and a single vanilla bean while slowly roasting strawberries in honey, balsamic, and their own juices. You can vary the ingredients as you see fit or even keep it all vanilla, maybe with some toasted maple-candied pecans.

I always start with grass-fed raw Guernsey milk — or rather 100% cream here — and right now when the cows are grazing the lush grasses of spring and early summer, their milk is at its best. The cream is at its sweetest and most nutritious.

Pastured egg yolks are also at their best as the chickens forage and hunt for insects outdoors.

And of course — June is also strawberry month. But just use the best ingredients you have access too. We don’t all have a source for illegal raw milk.

The custard mixture must be completely cooled first before churning and can be made 3 days in advance.

Your ice-cream bowl must be placed in the freezer for 16-24 hours too.

This recipe is making two litres (approximately 2 quarts) and my ice-cream maker will only hold up to 1.5 quarts so I ended up buying a backup freezer bowl instead of having to wait for the same bowl to refreeze again.

Why Is My Strawberry Ice Cream Not Pink?

Most commercial ice creams are dyed. You can do the same thing here with food colouring if you wish, but I prefer to leave it natural.


Roasted Strawberry Vanilla Custard Ice Cream (REAL Ice Cream)

Old-fashioned homemade vanilla custard ice-cream with honey-roasted strawberries made only with REAL cream. This is as traditional and decadent as ice-cream gets. No fillers, no refined sugars; sweetened with local honey and strawberries. This a truly nutrient-dense dessert made from some real superfood ingredients.
Prep Time: 20 minutes
Cook Time: 20 minutes
Total Time: 40 minutes
Course: Dessert
Cuisine: International
Keyword: homemade ice cream, ice cream, raw cream, strawberry ice cream, vanilla custard ice cream
Servings: 2 litres
Author: The Peasant's Daughter


  • 2 litres of real cream if not using fresh raw cream, check your labels and do not use anything with fillers or emulsifiers
  • 6 egg yolks
  • 1 vanilla bean or 1 tablespoon good vanilla extract
  • A batch of roasted strawberries in honey increase the honey amount in the recipe to 1 cup

Special Equipment:

(Optional) Backup Freezer Bowl


  • Make sure the freezer bowl (and second bowl if using) from your ice cream maker is in the freezer. It needs 16-24 hours of freezing time.
  • Start your batch of slow-roasted strawberries in honey but increase the honey in the recipe to 1 cup.
  • Separate your egg yolk from the whites into a medium bowl.
  • Pour your cream into a large, heavy-bottomed pot.
  • Split your vanilla bean in half length-wise, scrape out the beans into the cream and add the vanilla pod too.
  • Slowly heat the cream over medium heat, stirring frequently, until just before boiling before removing promptly from heat.
  • Take a ladle-full of the hot cream and slowly add it into your bowl with the egg yolks, whisking quickly. This step is necessary to temper the eggs and avoid curdling them.
  • Repeat this a couple more times.
  • Slowly pour the egg-hot cream mixture back into the large pot and return it to the stove over medium heat.
  • Stir constantly as the mixture thickens.
  • When it coats the back of your spoon, your custard is ready. Strain it through a colander and discard the vanilla bean pod.
  • When your strawberries are finished roasting, mix them into the custard mixture too. You can puree them or leave them as-is. If you want to add food colouring, now is a good time.
  • Place everything into the refrigerator for at least 4 hours or overnight.
  • When ready to make your ice cream, work quickly so that the freezer bowl stays frozen.
  • Take the bowl out of the freezer, set it up on your ice cream maker, and then pour in your vanilla custard strawberry mixture. Take care not to overfill as I did in the video!
  • Turn the machine on and set a timer for 20 minutes.
  • After 20 minutes I like to check the consistency and run the machine for an additional 5-10 minutes. If you were to add any extra ingredients like nuts or chocolate chips, this is when you would do that too.
  • If making an additional litre (depending on your ice cream maker) take the second bowl out of the freezer and repeat the necessary steps.
  • Once done, the ice cream is ready to eat but it will be soft. If you prefer a firmer consistency, scoop it into tubs and freeze for another couple hours.


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    1. Thank you and I know, but it really is necessary. The alternative is just not the same thing. Many recipes will claim it’s “just the same” but they’re not being honest. I’m glad I got mine used and it’s small enough to tuck away.