Wyandotte Chicken {The Most Beautiful Dual-Purpose Heritage Breed?}

The Wyandotte chicken is not just a useful dual-purpose heritage breed, but it is one of the most beautiful and striking productive varieties of chickens you can add to your flock.

Top Reasons To Choose The Wyandotte

Large, beautiful chicken with some of the most interesting colors and feather patterns out of any breed.

History and Origins

The original name of the breed was American Sebright, but this quickly changed once the APA recognized this breed in 1883.

Wyandotte Chicken {The Most Beautiful Dual-Purpose Heritage Breed?}



The Wyandotte is a large chicken with a broad breast and solid stature.Hens weigh, on average, 6 to 8 lbs, and roosters up to 8.5 lbs.

Personality & Temperament

The Wyandotte chicken is known as being friendly and docile, making them great additions to many kinds of flocks.

Large Brown Eggs

The Wyandotte chicken lays large, beautiful brown eggs about four times each week, meaning they lay up to 210 eggs annually.

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