Wild Chicken

Where Did The Wild Chickens Go? 

Are there wild chickens still around today? What do they look like? Where can we find them? And how was the chicken domesticated?

Where To Find Them 

Today, wild red junglefowl live in India and spread eastwards across Indochina and southern China, into Malaysia, Singapore, the Philippines, and Indonesia.

Where Did Wild (Feral) Chickens Come From?

Most wild chickens are not true "wild" chickens. They are feral chickens.

Where Did The Wild Chickens Go?


Are Wild Chickens Comparable to Domestic Chickens?

While domesticated chickens and feral chickens may look similar, they are very different.

So, Who Domesticated The Chicken?

It is said that our ancestors observed the wild chickens gorging on bamboo seeds and the result was that they would lay many eggs.

Final Thoughts

Wild, feral chickens do exist and came to be partly due to humans and partly due to the chickens themselves. Domesticated chickens were first introduced to North America by European settlers in the 1500s.

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