Why We Chose Icelandic Sheep For The Homestead

We chose Icelandic sheep for our homestead and I'm going to delve into the breed, its history, the pros and cons, and everything else you need to know about the beautiful Icelandic sheep — along with plenty of photos of my flock.

Icelandic Sheep At A Glance

Use: Primarily a meat breed in Iceland, the wool spun from their fleece is also incredibly valuable. They are gaining in popularity as a dairy sheep again as well.

Icelandic Sheep Breed Origin & History

The Icelandic sheep looks like some half-wild creature plucked from a desolate cold place and placed amongst us from a different age.

Why We Chose Icelandic Sheep For The Homestead


Icelandic Sheep Meat

The meat of Icelandic sheep is the best I've had in any country I have visited from any breed.

Icelandic Sheep Milk

What is the best sheep breed for milk and meat? The Icelandic may potentially become a contender, but with some considerable caveats.

Icelandic Sheep Wool Quality

Although in Iceland the sheep are raised primarily for meat, the wool is a valuable byproduct that has enchanted knitters and spinners around the world.

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