When To Add Compost To Garden Beds 

It's best to add compost to your garden beds in the fall instead of waiting until spring. Fall is the most important time to improve your soils for the following year.

Should You Add Compost to the Garden in Fall or Spring?

Did you know that the optimal time to add compost to your garden is actually during the fall season?

By adding compost during the fall season, your garden beds will have fertile soil the next spring, which can enhance the growth of your plants.

How to Add Compost in Fall Garden


Prepare garden beds

Before adding compost, ensure the garden bed is free from weeds or debris. We do not pull up plants by the roots but rather cut them at the soil level and leave the roots to decompose.

Choose mature compost

Use well-aged, mature compost or compost that is nearly finished.

Apply a layer of compost 

Spread a layer of compost evenly over the surface of the garden bed. Aim for a thickness of around 1 to 4 inches to provide adequate coverage and nutrient replenishment.

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