When Can Chicks {FINALLY!} Go Outside?

Your baby chicks can be moved outside into their coop permanently (without a heat lamp) when they are between 4-6 weeks old, fully feathered, and the outside temperatures are around 70º Fahrenheit (20º Celcius).

After Hatching 

When chicks are newly hatched, they're not strong or hardy enough to go straight out into the big wide world.

Starting To Go Outside

Chicks are ready to live outside permanently, they can still go outside for shorter times to help them get used to it more gradually.

When Can Chicks  Go Outside?


Going Outside Permanently

Chick are ready to enter the wider world more fully varies from one breed or even chick to the next, there are some rules of thumb you can adhere to.

Intermediary Stages

Before they reach that stage, though, there's still a rule of thumb you can follow.

Final Thoughts

There you have it, a full guide on how to keep your baby chicks happy and healthy as you gradually introduce them to the world outside their brooder.

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