Tomato plant leaves curled

9 Reasons for Tomato Leaves Curling Up In Your Garden

Noticed that the leaves of your tomato plant are curling up? Here are 9 of the most common reasons as to why this is happening, and how you can prevent it.

Overexposure To The Sun or Heat

First up on the list of reasons as to why your tomato leaves are curling in on themselves is purely down to the environment that your plant is living in.

Wind & Other Environmental Factors

Blowing wind and dust can cause damage to your plants and make the leaves curl up.

Reasons for Tomato Leaves Curling Up In Your Garden


Reduced Water Intake

Another common reason why the leaves on tomato plants start to curl up is because of a lack of water.

Deficiency In Micronutrients

In order for your tomato plant to stay happy and healthy, it will need to have the right level of nutrients in place.

Signs Of Disease

Have you noticed that your tomato leaves are growing in what appears to be a wiry pattern, leaving the small leaves towards the higher end of the plant to curl?

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