The Deep Litter Method For Chicken Coop Health

The thorough guide to implementing the deep litter method of chicken coop management. The easy and better way to keep your coop clean and chickens healthy.

Pros & Benefits

1. Less work - time savings 2. A more sustainable   method of coop   management 3. Cost savings

Cons & Risks

1. Odor 2. Disease 3. Parasites 4. Mites/Lice

The Deep Litter Method For Chicken Coop Health


What is the Deep Litter Method?

The deep litter method is a way of managing chicken waste that involves allowing the chickens to deposit their droppings on top of a bed of absorbent material.

Materials Needed

You don't need much. This is not a special or elaborate technique. You need bedding aka litter material primarily.

Chopped Straw Versus Regular Straw

If you're confused by my use of the term 'chopped straw' and wondering what I mean by that.

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