The BEST Mulch For Strawberries

The best mulch for strawberries ranked from the top choices to the worst. And whether you should mulch your strawberry beds year-round.

Why Mulch Strawberry Beds?

Mulching strawberries aids proper nutrient growth, weed suppression, diminishing fungal growth and establishing strong producing plants.

What Is The Best Mulch For Strawberries?

Let’s go through some of the best mulch materials to use — or not to use — and how to help you get a healthy and a bountiful harvest of fresh strawberries.

These options are ranked from my favorites to my least favorites.


Chopped Straw

Chopped straw can be used in your strawberry beds year-round unlike some of the others on this list.

Baled Straw

Straw mulch works great and is easy to use for overwintering your strawberry bed. It is easy to handle and to apply around the plants.


Compost matter, whether animal manure, or from a compost bin system or similar, is very cost effective and easy to use.

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