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Smoking Trout The Right Way

"Smoking trout: this is how you properly brine and smoke a whole trout. Works for fillets too. An old family recipe for smoked whole trout."


Whole trout (or fillets) Kosher salt Brown sugar Fresh sprigs of rosemary Bay leaves Soy sauce (or amino acids) Black pepper Choice of wood for smoking

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Step by Step Instructions


Brine Your Whole Trout

The process of soaking the fish (or any meat) in salted water for a period of time causes the flesh to absorb some of the salty water through osmosis.


Here are the instructions for the wet brine and smoking which will be repeated in the recipe card below (the recipe card has a print option too.)

Step 1

Make the brine solution: In a large enough saucepan on medium heat, add your brown sugar and allow it to melt and bubble until dark brown.

Step 2

Add the kosher salt, soy/tamari/coconut aminos (if using) and bay leaves.

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