Salmon Faverolles

The Beautiful French Chicken That Lays PINK Eggs!

The Salmon Faverolles is a dual-purpose French heritage breed that lays up to 240 PINK eggs annually while also providing excellent meat."

Top Reasons To Choose The Salmon Faverolles 

This is the breed I'm most considering adding to my current flock of Orpingtons, Bresse, Azure Blues, Red Rangers, and Olive Eggers.

History & Origins

The Faverolles chicken is a French breed developed in 1860 near the villages of Houdan and Faverolles.

Salmon Faverolles



The Faverolles is a larger bird, with males weighing, on average, 9 to 11 pounds for the British Faverolles and around 8 pounds for the American.

Personality and Temperament

Their friendly, easy-going demeanour makes them the perfect pet for children and adults alike.

PINK Eggs!

The Faverolles is a great, regular egg layer and can lay up to 240 eggs per year. The eggs are medium-sized and often a light brown-cream color with pinkish hues.

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