Ruth Stout Method

Using Hay As Mulch

Uncover the hidden gardening secret of using hay as mulch for exceptional yields in your vegetable garden. With so many mulching options to choose from, hay may be the best one yet.

Can You Mulch with Hay in Your Garden?

Yes! You can use hay as mulch in your gardens! Even old, moldy hay. And it's a preferred method by many experienced gardeners.

What Does Hay Add To Soil?

Hay adds nutrients to the soil, including nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, which are essential for plant growth.

Using Hay As Mulch (Step-By-Step)


1. Prepare the area

Clear any existing weeds or debris from the garden bed where you plan to apply the hay mulch.

2. Water the soil

Before applying the mulch, thoroughly water the soil to ensure it's moist.

3. Apply a thick layer

Spread a layer of hay mulch about 4-6 inches thick evenly over the soil surface. This thickness will help suppress weeds and retain moisture.

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