10 {Surprising} Raw Goat Milk Benefits & Uses

There are some truly surprising raw goat milk benefits that may motivate you to seek some out — or even start raising your own dairy goats.

Let’s Get The Dangers Out Of The Way

Unfortunately, many laws discourage the purchasing of raw goat milk due to perceived health and safety concerns.

High In Many Nutrients & Vitamins

Compared to dairy and other alternative kinds of milk on the market, raw goat milk has a high nutritional value to offer.

Raw Goat Milk Benefits & Uses


May Improve Your Digestion

If dairy makes you feel bloated, it might be worth trying raw goat milk.

Hypoallergenic Properties

The reason is simple: while pasteurized cow's milk contains over 20 known common allergens, raw goat milk contains very few allergens at all.

Protein Composition Similar to Human Breast Milk

One of the key factors that make raw goat milk such a perfect food is how similar it is in composition to human breast milk

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