Planting Asparagus Seeds

A Comprehensive Grow Guide

Growing asparagus from seed is an exercise in patience. After you're done planting asparagus seeds, it will be a long wait before you can harvest any actual asparagus spears to eat — the third year after starting the seeds!

Planting Asparagus Seeds

Asparagus seeds are best started indoors under grow lights and should not be transplanted outdoors until they are 10-12 weeks past germination (sprouting), and all danger of last frost has passed. Asparagus seeds can take 2-8 weeks to sprout — plan accordingly!

Asparagus is a perennial vegetable.

After your asparagus patch is planted and established, it will continue to come back every year with minimal inputs from you for at least 15 years and potentially over 20 years.

Transplanting Asparagus Seedlings


When your seedlings are 10-12 weeks old and all danger of frost has passed — they can be hardened off and planted in your garden.

Handle the seedlings with care to protect the developing root system. Space asparagus seedlings 18 inches apart in rows 3 feet apart (1 meter). Transplant each plant in a hole 4 inches  deep.

Hold Off On Harvesting!

Planting asparagus seeds means you will not begin to harvest any asparagus spears until year 3 after transplanting. And that first year of harvesting will be a light one to avoid damaging the plant and stunting its growth and future output.

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