Pasty Butt in Chickens

Symptoms, Causes, Treatment, & Prevention

Pasty butt (also: pasty vent or pasted vent) is a condition that can affect chickens of any age, but it is most common in young chicks. It can be uncomfortable, debilitating, and, in some cases, even fatal. If you're raising chickens, this condition is one you need to know about, as it can happen quickly.

What Is Pasty Butt?

The term "pasty butt" describes the appearance of the vent, or cloaca, covered in excrement. In other words, your chick has dried poop of feces on its behind.

As the afflicted chick continues to eat, drink, and subsequently poop — the excrement continues to build up and cannot get past the blockage.

Pasty Butt Can Be Fatal If Left Untreated


Some Causes:

– Chicks from commercial hatcheries are more likely to get it.  – Stress from transportation, especially if being shipped through the mail.

– Cold. – Overheating from improper use of heat lamps or a too small brooder with no escape from the heat. – Dehydration.

– Improper diet — skip the treats for baby chicks. – Less common but possible: viral and bacterial infections.

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