Raising Muscovy Ducks {Everything You Need To Know}

Muscovy ducks are a great dual-purpose choice for the homestead or backyard. Here is everything you need to know about them to make your choice.

Top Reasons To Choose Muscovy Ducks

Muscovies are excellent foragers and are great for controlling mosquito and fly populations in your yard.


Depending on the genetic lineage, they may lay eggs on the lower end of the spectrum. They're also not as cute or pretty as other ducks to some people.

Raising Muscovy Ducks {Everything You Need To Know}


Not Actually A Duck

Technically speaking, Muscovies are not really ducks. While they belong to the same taxonomic family as ducks, swans, and geese, they are in a different subfamily.

Muscovy Duck Mules & Crosses

I hatched out Muscovy ducklings that were crossed with a Welsh Harlequin drake this year.

History & Origins

Muscovies originate from the Americas.They are found in the Rio Grande Valley in Texas, all the way down to Mexico, Uruguay, and Argentina.

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