Keep Hens Laying Eggs All Winter 

"Do chickens lay eggs in the winter? Maybe. There are steps you can take to encourage or force it. Let's look at how as well as the pros and cons."

Do Chickens Lay Eggs In The Winter?

Maybe. It depends on you and it depends on your chickens. A hen’s reproductive cycle is tied to the seasons and the amount of light she is exposed to.

Why They Stop Laying

As the hours of sunlight in a day increase and decrease with the seasons, the egg-laying schedule of your hens will change.

 Methods of encouraging winter egg-laying.


Natural Ways To Encourage Laying

During winter, they need to eat more to keep their body warm, and they need to eat more for their feather molt.

Culling Older Hens:

Many flocks are managed with culling practices that keep the egg production going year-round.

Artificial Ways To Force Egg Laying

When you’re thinking about encouraging egg laying during winter, it’s important to remember what guides egg laying: food, water, daylight, and temperature.

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