How To Shred Leaves For Mulch, Compost or Leaf Mold

If you're wondering how to shred leaves for mulch, we will cover 7 quick and simple way to do so. This guide is equally useful if you need to shred leaves to make compost or leaf mold.

Can Shredded Leaves Be Used As Mulch?

Shredded leaves make one of the best organic mulches. They can be used in your vegetable gardens, fruit orchards, or decorative flower beds.

How To Shred Leaves For Mulch 

It is best to wait until the leaves are dry and crispy. Trying to mulch wet leaves can be a nightmare.

These are the options to shred leaves for Mulch.


Using a Lawn Mower

An easy way — probably the easiest way to shred leaves for mulch is to use a simple lawn mower as most home owners own one or can at least borrow one.

Using A Riding Mower

The key is to approach the leaf pile in a circle and keep riding around it in a circle to make it less messy and easier to collect the leaves afterwards.

Shred Leaves With a String Trimmer

A weed whacker/string trimmer is a great way to shred leaves! They're pretty cheap to buy, and you can find them used too.

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