How To Propagate Rosemary

It's Easy

Wondering how to propagate rosemary? You may be surprised how easy it is to do this yourself. All you need is a rosemary plant and water.

Rosemary is one of my favorite culinary herbs and I use it frequently in my cooking, especially to flavor meat like goat and lamb. You may be surprised how easy it is to propagate rosemary to use yourself or even gift.

To propagate rosemary, take a new-shoot cutting from a healthy rosemary bush, remove the bottom two inches of leaves and place the bottom of the stem in clean water.

How To Propagate Rosemary From A Cutting


1. Take A 5-6 Inch Cutting From An Established Rosemary Bush

Cut the rosemary stem about 5-6 inches from the tip of the branch.

2. Strip The Leaves Off The Bottom Section Of The Rosemary

Remove the leaves off the bottom two to three inches of the stem.

3. Place The Rosemary Cuttings In Water

Place the stripped cuttings into a jar or small glass of clean water. The water should reach just below the remaining leaves.

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