How to make your own charcoal 

To make your own charcoal, you need untreated hardwood, a barrel, and burn material. It's an easy project albeit time consuming — but you may find it worth it.

Does Homemade Charcoal Burn Like Commercial? 

Homemade charcoal does not have the same burn time as commercial charcoal.

Is Homemade Charcoal A Good Fertilizer? 

Homemade charcoal is an excellent slow-release fertilizer. It is high in nitrogen and phosphorous.

How to make charcoal


Making Charcoal Using A Double Barrel

One of the easiest methods for making charcoal is a double barrel system. The other advantage is it only takes a few hours.

Making Charcoal Using A Single Large Barrel 

The single barrel method makes more charcoal in one batch. It takes longer and can require a few attempts before you get the timing of each step right.

Step 1: Obtain One Large Metal Barrel For Charcoal

Use a clean oil barrel with no vents and the top cut off. However, ensure you still have the top or another metal lid to hand.

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