How To Keep Chicken Water From Freezing Once & For All

Every winter, chicken owners are faced with how to keep their flock’s water from freezing. Thankfully, farmers and homesteaders have battled this issue on their livestock’s behalf for generations and come up with many solutions.

9 Hacks To Prevent Chicken Water From Freezing

Some suggestions for battling frozen chicken water are more practical than others.

Reduce Freezing By Putting Water In Sunny Spot

Place your chicken’s water in a sunny spot outside in the run that is accessible.

How To Keep Chicken Water From Freezing


Use A Black Rubber Tub To Minimize Freezing

Using a black rubber tub or container for your chicken’s water will help capture the sun’s rays, limiting freezing.

Insulate Chicken Water To Prevent Frozen Water

Insulating the chicken’s water container will help prevent freezing. However, the insulation must be safe for chickens.

Add Ping Pong Balls To Water

Ping pong balls are an excellent way to bring interest and amusement to your flock’s lives while adding inexpensive agitation. Moving water freezes slower than still.

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