How to care for baby chicks 

Raising Baby Chickens The Right Way

The most thorough guide on raising baby chicks right from the start into happy, healthy, resilient adults. Avoid the pitfalls, mistakes, myths, and disasters other chicken keepers have already faced.

Beware of Hatchery Chicks

Baby chicks from many of the large commercial hatcheries are frequently of inferior breeding and health.

Where To Get Baby Chicks?

I recommend you source high-quality chicks from reputable breeders and hatcheries that are passionate about their chickens and their breed of choice.

How to care for baby chicks


Baby Chicks: The First 24 Hours

Your chicks have hatched and dried to a fluffy cuteness in your incubator. Or you've picked up a box of adorable day-olds

Baby Chicks Need 4 Basic Things To Thrive

They need a brooder box with water, food, heat, & shelter with the appropriate bedding/litter.

When Can My Chicks Go Outside?

Typically speaking, your baby chicks are ready to go outside once they are fully feathered — around 6 weeks of age.

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