How Long Do Goats Live?

How long do goats live? Domestic goats will live anywhere from 8-14 years. This will vary depending on breed, genetics, health, disease, illness, accidents, and sheer luck.

How Long Do Goats Live?

No matter the breed of goat, the lifespan is about the same except in a few small circumstances.

Female Goat (Doe) Lifespan & Breeding Considerations

Female goats outlive males — the same as with humans and with most other species.

How Long Do Goats Live?


Male Goat Lifespan, How Long Do Bucks Live?

Intact male goats (bucks) experience relatively shorter lifespans, primarily due to the taxing nature of the breeding season.

How Long Do Wethers Live?

Wethers are castrated male goats, and they may have the longest lifespan of all because they have zero stress on their bodies.

Final Thoughts

If you have goats or you’re considering adding goats to your homestead, the lifespan of goats is an essential consideration, lifespan, and the breeding span of your goats will influence how you manage your herd.

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