How long do fresh eggs last Unrefrigerated?

Many people wonder how long eggs will last unrefrigerated or if they’ll last at all. And while this is a common question, the answer is not as clear-cut as you might think.

Unwashed Versus Washed Eggs

Whole eggs have a natural bloom on them, a protective layer that keeps harmful bacteria from entering the inside.

The Float Test

What about old eggs? How do you tell if you have a bad egg? The best way is with a simple float test. You just need a bowl or glass of water.

How long do fresh eggs last?


Proper Storage of Eggs

Some cute fresh egg storage ideas! Whether you have fresh farm eggs or grocery store eggs, these containers can be used on your counter or refrigerator instead of cardboard cartons.

Collecting & Storage Baskets

These small, black iron wire baskets are a traditional favorite and they are very safe and secure too.

Spiralling Dispenser Racks

This egg skelter is sturdy, modern, and space-saving! It holds quite a few eggs and is a fantastic way to display them.

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