How Do Cranberries Grow?

Cranberry plants thrive in acidic wetland soils with a pH below 5. They need soil with layers of gravel, peat, and sand. Cranberries grow in regions where the temperature is between 32 and 45°F for 3 months.

In their natural habitat, cranberries grow in wetlands – areas where the water table is at or near the soil surface.

How Do Cranberries Grow In The Wild?

Cranberries are low-growing, vining plants. They have a similar growth form to strawberries.

What Does A Cranberry Plant Look Like?

How Do Cranberries Grow?


Conditions They Need To Grow

Cranberry plants require certain soil conditions to produce lots of fat, round berries.

Cranberries Are Farmed In Bogs 

There aren’t enough cranberries growing in the wild to meet the massive global demand for delicious berries.

Wet And Dry Harvesting Methods

Wet harvesting of cranberries involves flooding the bogs so that the cranberry plants are under water.

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