How Do Chickens Mate?

Let's Take A Look

How do chickens mate? Let's take a closer look (with videos) on chicken mating behavior and the things to know before you breed your flock.

All About How Chickens Mate

If you have chickens and have observed them, you may have seen cockerels running around and chasing hens. Or even doing a funny-looking dance.

Do Chickens Mate To Lay Eggs?

It is a common misconception that hens and roosters need to mate for eggs to be produced.

How Do Chickens Mate?


How Does The Mating Behavior Of A Rooster Affect Hens?

Since a rooster can be much larger and have sharp claws and spurs, the mating act can be particularly damaging to the hens.

Breeding Chickens

If you have more than one breed of rooster and maintain a mixed flock as I do, you need to be aware that a hen can have fertilized eggs inside of her for up to one month.


Hopefully, this answers your questions on how chickens mate. To reproduce and excrete, birds only have one bodily entrance. The rooster can position his entrance on or very near the hens.

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