How Cold Is Too Cold For Chickens? Get Your Flock Ready For Winter

As it turns out, chickens can thrive anywhere in the continental United States. With just a bit of preparedness and practical considerations, they can survive in most of Canada and Alaska too.

Can Chickens Freeze to Death In The Winter?

Technically, yes. You can provide your chickens with such poor living conditions that they do, in fact, die from neglect.

How Cold Is Too Cold For Chickens

Here are some factors that you can consider to keep your flock healthy and content during the cold season.

Get Your Flock Ready For Winter


The Breed Matters

Chickens will handle the cold temperature differently depending on the breed. Some chicken breeds will also require more food than others to thrive through the winter season.

The General Health of Your Flock is Vital During Winter

Chickens can survive winter just fine unless they are weak or sick to begin with.

Winterize Your Coop Against The Cold 

The coop needs winterizing against the cold. Though chickens can keep their body temperature constant throughout the year, the cold weather requires extra effort.

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