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Homemade Butter {The Ultimate Guide}

If you're wondering how to make your own cultured butter or sweet cream butter, this is the only guide you need. I will show you how to transform your raw milk or pasteurized milk into real homemade butter.


Cream Salt Cold Water

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Step by Step Instructions


Step 1

Start mixing your cream. Whether you are using a hand-mixer like I prefer, a blender, a traditional butter churner, or shaking a jar vigorously — the process is the same.

Step 2

See that? It's whipped cream. On the road to making butter, you will first make buttercream.

Step 3

Eventually your whipped cream will break and start to look like this.

Step 4

This is butter and buttermilk, sometimes called whey too. You have to now separate the buttermilk from the butter as well as you can before washing the butter.

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