Roasted Green Tomato Soup With Pesto

Homemade Basil Pesto 

Traditional Mortar & Pestle Basil Pesto 

Traditional mortar and pestle pesto. Genovese basil pesto is an easy Italian classic that is always better freshly made. It only uses a few simple fresh ingredients.


Basil  Pine Nuts Garlic Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese Pecorino cheese Olive Oil Sea Salt Black Pepper 

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Step by Step Instructions


Step 1

Crush pine nuts. Add your cloves of garlic and then crush them into the pine nuts using a circular motion until you get this texture.

Step 2

Add fresh basil leaves and salt, and pound and crush and stir until they fall apart. Add fresh black pepper if using.

Step 3

Add cheeses, olive oil, and stir until combined into a thick green paste.

Substitutions & Variations

Nuts | Use whatever nuts you have on hand, like walnuts or pistachios, instead of pine nuts which can be expensive or hard to find.

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