Growing Basil  Indoors

How to Grow Basil Indoors

This is the ultimate guide to successfully grow basil indoors year-round, yes even in the winter months. Grow your own indoor culinary herbs.

An indoor herb garden is one of the best things you can do for yourself if you love to cook. Growing your own culinary herbs is really easy and can be inexpensive as well.

This guide for indoor gardening is meant for people who really want to grow herbs to use on a regular basis in their cooking — people like me.

The Biggest Indoor Gardening Myth

3 Different Ways To Grow Basil Indoors


From Seed

To grow basil indoors is simple really, as this fast-growing and prolific annual will germinate in as soon as four days and grow the first set of true leaves within two weeks.

From a Cutting

You can also propagate basil easily from a cutting. In fact, you can keep your personal indoor basil garden going forever with this method.

From a Starter Plant

Buying a starter plant in a grocery store is a great way to get a taste of indoor gardening with basil and other herbs.

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