Grouse Recipes

Hang, Brine & Smoke a Whole Grouse

Hang, brine & smoke grouse on a Traeger. Hanging your birds (guts & feathers intact) ages the meat and improves the flavour and texture. Next, a simple brine is used before smoking the meat for maximum flavour.

Hanging The Grouse

A simple cotton kitchen twine will do. I tied it to the neck of the grouse and then suspended the bird by tieing the other end to an available hook-like thing in my fridge.

Gutting & Plucking The Grouse

After 8 days of hanging, I wasn't about to reach inside the bird cavity blindly. I chose to spatchcock.

Grouse Recipes


Step 1.

After your grouse has finished hanging for the appropriate amount of time and you have plucked/gutted/spatchcocked it, it's time to brine.

Step 2

Remove the bird and discard the water.

Step 3

Starting anew with fresh water, and keeping in mind the amount you measured which added up to a fully-submerged bird, add a few cups of fresh water to a small pot over high heat.

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