Freedom Ranger Hatchery 

Raising Red Ranger Chickens For Meat

Detailed cost breakdown of raising Red (Rustic) Ranger Chickens from day-old to slaughter weight at 12 weeks. Follow along for weekly updates.

About The Red Ranger aka Rustic Ranger aka Freedom Ranger

The Red Ranger is a dual-purpose breed that can be kept as an egg layer too.

Preparation & Initial Costs

As soon as you have your day-old Red Rangers ordered and a set date for pick-up — count 12 weeks ahead and BOOK YOUR CHICKEN PROCESSOR IMMEDIATELY.

Raising Red Ranger Chickens For Meat


The Upfront Costs & Prep Work

We will be using the same amazing Deep Litter System Method we use in our primary coop.

Feed Costs

I feed a soy-free, GMO-free chicken grower feed from Windy Field Farms.

How We Are Cutting Down On Feed Costs

We are raising our red rangers on pasture and limiting feed to certain times to keep them foraging for food and hunting for bugs.

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