Free-Range Chickens

How To Free-Range Chickens {4 Methods}

Wondering how to free-range your chickens? And do it safely? While saving money? A healthy, happy flock and bright orange egg yolks await!


1. Cut down on feed costs. 2. Healthier eggs with more   nutritional value 3. Tastier eggs with bright   yellow yolks


1. Risk of aerial and ground  predators (hawks, raccoons,  dogs) 2. Risk of accidents from   cars. 3. Risk of disease from wild   birds

Methods of Free Range Chickens


The Free-Range Free-For-All Method

So this is what we do. No enclosed run. No fences border our property. No electric netting keep the chickens contained.

The Portable Electric Netting Method

All of the above can be eliminated or controlled by confining your chickens within a portable electric net.

The Mobile Chicken Tractor or Coop Method

This is a fantastic solution that combines the best of free-ranged pastured chickens with the security and control of a backyard chicken coop with a large run.

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