Fermenting Chicken Feed

The MANY Benefits Of Fermenting Chicken Feed & How To Do It

Fermenting chicken feed has many benefits to your flock (digestion, immune system) as well as to you, their keeper (cost, high-quality eggs and meat)

Why You Should Ferment Your Feed

Just like fermented foods are healthier for and aid humans in digesting and maximizing the nutrition found in their foods, the same can be said for fermenting chicken feed.

Unlock The Nutrients in Grains

Fermented chicken feed has a lot of nutritional benefits for chickens, thanks to all its good bacteria.

How To Ferment Chicken Feed


Step 1: Mix Feed and Water

Mix the chicken feed and water together in your container.

Step 2: Cover Mixture

Next, cover the container with a lid (or anything that will keep bugs out) and let it sit for 3 days at room temperature out of direct sunlight.

Step 3: Feed

After three days, the fermentation process will start to occur and you will notice the mixture start to bubble. It may smell sour.

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