What To Feed Chickens During Winter

Winter brings unique challenges in feeding chickens, especially pastured chickens. This article explores practical, cost-saving strategies to effectively feed your chickens during the colder months, focusing on maintaining their health and your budget.

Along with their regular chicken feed, you can supplement your chicken's diet with high carbohydrate treats such as scratch grains, whole grains like oats and oatmeal, and corn.

High Protein Extras

When the temperatures are forecasted to get really low, I'll give them meat, fish scraps, and extra scrambled eggs, too. Some people will even give their chicken's cat food.

Winter Cost-Saving Feed Tips:


Sprout Grains & Seeds

The sprouting process enhances enzyme activity and makes the food easier to digest, also reducing anti-nutrients found in grains and seeds.

Grow Fodder

While some keepers worry about fodder leading to impacted crops, this is less of a concern for pastured birds used to long grass.

Scraps & Root Veggies

Roasting these vegetables can be a practical way to provide complex carbohydrates and nutrients to your chickens.

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