Eden Gardening Method

Everything You Need To Know

The ultimate guide to the revolutionary back to Eden gardening method and how to implement it yourself for maximum yields with LESS work!

Who Is Back To Eden Gardening For?

Back to Eden, while fully beneficial and a great method to every gardener, will especially benefit those lacking water access and in areas prone to drought.

What Is The Back To Eden Gardening Method?

It is a form of regenerative gardening that gives back to the earth what it takes, as this way of growing food can sequester carbon in the soil where it is actually useful.

Back To Eden Gardening Method


Origin Of Back To Eden Gardening

Paul Gautschi grew up gardening the old-fashioned way with his family.

Why Wood Mulch?

Why wood chips? Why not any single one of the other types of mulches that other regenerative and no till gardeners use?

The 4 Key Principles

Keep these simple principles in mind. Once you see how they work together in practice, you will never go back to conventional gardening.

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