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Easiest & Best Smoked Salt Recipe

Smoked salt is really easy to do on any smoker, and you can even add herbs and spices afterwards for unique flavors and make your own spice blends.


Salt  Wood  Optional Add-ons

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Step by Step Instructions


Step 1

Turn on your smoker to around 220F to get the smoke going.

Step 2

Lay your pure sea salt on a pan and make a shallow layer. (You can use heavy-duty foil, and bend it to the shape of a pan/baking dish at the edges instead too.)

Step 3

Place your pan of salt on the smoker grates towards the vents so that it can get all that smoke before it exits the smoker.

Storage Tips

Put your smoked salt in airtight jars or other containers. It may lose some flavor over time if improperly stored.

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