Dominique Chicken

America's Oldest Heritage Breed

The Dominique chicken is Americas's oldest breed. This hardy dual-purpose heritage breed is now at risk of extinction.

Top Reasons To Choose The Dominique Chicken

The Dominique is a hardy, sometimes-broody, and docile bird that makes a great addition to any flock.

History and Origins

It’s important to note and respect that the Dominique’s were once considered an endangered, and at-risk, breed of chicken.

Dominique Chicken



The Dominique chicken is a striking, pretty, medium-sized, stout chicken that is black and white; no other color combinations exist for this breed.

An Autosexing Breed

One advantage to Dominiues, especially if you live in a place where you cannot legally keep roosters, or if plan on breeding them, is that they are autosexing at birth.

Personality and Temperament

Dominique’s are friendly, docile, calm birds perfect for a homestead or backyard flock.

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