Do Possums Eat Chickens


Possums are omnivores and eat birds, including chickens. They are lazy hunters and will preferably eat chicks, young or small breed chickens. Possums are beneficial in keeping pest numbers down.

Do Possums Kill And Eat Chickens?

Possums are opportunistic omnivores, eating both meat and plants. They are known to raid chicken runs if the opportunity arises.

Possums Are Sneaky & Clever

You may think you have a system that will keep possums out and your chickens safe. Possums, unfortunately, are excellent climbers.

Do Possums Eat Chickens?


How Can I Stop Possums Killing My Chickens?

Ensuring your chickens are in a predator-proof chicken coop will mean that the possum cannot attack and kill them.

Is There Any Benefit To Having Possums? 

Possums are amazingly resilient creatures. They seldom get sick and even seem immune to many diseases affecting most mammals.

Cooperative Living With Possums

Possums can be so beneficial that it may be better to find ways to live side-by-side with them.

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