Do I need a rooster for chickens to lay eggs?

Can chickens lay eggs without a rooster? Yes, they can. Let's look at how chickens reproduce and lay eggs and if you need a rooster around.

Will a Chicken Lay Eggs Without a Rooster?

Your chickens will lay eggs whether or not you have a rooster on your property. However, these eggs will not hatch.

Keeping Roosters and Hens Together

For those raising a large brood of chickens, you'll likely have both hens and roosters. However, this doesn't mean you want your rooster to fertilize your hen’s eggs.

Can Hens Lay Eggs Without a Rooster?


If You Want Fertilized Eggs

In order for chicken eggs to be fertilized and hatch, they must be exposed to a rooster's sperm.

If You Want Unfertilized Eggs

If you have a rooster present in your flock but are not looking to breed, you can do two things to ensure the eggs do not get fertilized.

Should I Add a Rooster to My Flock?

Your hen will lay eggs happily without a rooster present, so for many chicken keepers, there's no need.

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