Cinnamon Queen Chicken {Everything You Need To Know}

The Cinnamon Queen chicken will lay a TON of large brown eggs annually — up to 300! If you're looking for a high production layer, this one may be a great choice.

Top Reasons To Choose The Cinnamon Queen

1.Medium-large sized, hardy,    stocky bird 2. Resilient birds 3. Friendly and docile 4. A hybrid chicken with a     fast growth rate

History & Origins

The Cinnamon Queen chicken originated in the United States pretty recently; they don’t have a particularly interesting or complicated history like the Dominique or Ameraucana.

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The Cinnamon Queen Chicken is a medium-sized bird, with a broad breast and round shape/stature.

Large Brown Eggs

The Cinnamon Queen chicken is particularly prized for her egg production. She will give you 250-300 large brown eggs annually which is amongst the highest of any breed.

Cold Hardy

Most chickens are quite cold hardy and this one is no exception. As always, ensure your flock has a wind-proof and at least partially covered run or other areas to rest and escape the wind and cold in the winter.

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