Chicken Eggs Hatching

How to Incubate & Hatch Chicken Eggs

Whether you are a homesteader, hobby farmer, breeder, or small flock/backyard flock keeper — this guide will answer all of your questions on hatching chicken eggs.

Preparing Chicken Eggs For Incubation

If you have purchased fertile hatching eggs from a breeder there is very little in the way of preparation.

How Long Can Eggs Sit Before You Put Them in The Incubator?

You must carefully collect your fresh fertilized eggs and store them at the correct temperature for a specific period of time.

Dry & Wet Incubation Instructions


Setting & Maintaining Correct Temperature & Humidity

Temperature is the single most important factor followed by humidity.

The First 18 Days

If you are using an automatic egg-turner there is very little for you to do except check the temperature and humidity levels daily.

Day 18 (Lockdown)

The 18th day of egg incubation is known as lockdown. It's when things get exciting. On that 18th day, you will turn your eggs for the last time or remove them gently from the automatic egg turner.

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