Cayuga Duck: America's Heritage Breed

The Cayuga duck is a relatively rare and striking breed of domestic duck and I'm lucky enough to own my own small flock of these beauties.

Top Reasons To Choose The Cayuga Duck

While the Cayuga was first bred for its flavorful meat, it also lays nearly 150 large eggs yearly, making it a decent all-around breed.

History & Origins

Some theories claim that the Cayuga does not descend from the mallard, like most domestic duck species, but the American Black Duck.

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It's no surprise that the Cayuga duck became a sought-after ornamental bird after the American Pekin duck replaced it as America's top meat bird.

Personality & Temperament

Especially if they are raised from ducklings, Cayuga ducks make docile and friendly additions to the flock.


Cayuga duck's distinctive large black eggs are part of their appeal as an egg-laying breed. As the season progresses, the eggs will become lighter and lighter, first turning green and then lightening further.

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