Can You Freeze Milk? {Technically Yes, But...}

Can you freeze milk? Yes. But the texture will change after defrosting. Let's look at the best ways to freeze milk when you have to.

Why Would You Freeze Milk

If you are guilty of pouring sour milk out frequently, you may want to consider freezing it instead.

What's The Best Way To Freeze It

It may seem as simple as placing the milk container in the freezer, but nothing is ever just simple, especially when it comes to freezing liquids.

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Milk Separates During Freezing & Thawing

In most cases, milk will suffer separation during freezing as the different liquid components will freeze at slightly different rates.

Safe Defrosting

Freezing your milk is only one-half of this process, so let's look at the safest ways to defrost milk once you are ready to use it.

Reconstitute Separated Milk

During the freezing process, most homes have shakers or blenders, and you can use these devices to reconstitute the milk and eliminate the effects of separation.

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