Can Chickens Fly? Yes! Well, kinda.

Do chickens fly? Can they? Well, sorta. And it can lead to problems. Let's explore the facts of chicken flight and if wing clipping is necessary.

Do Chickens Fly?

There's a good chance you have never seen a flying chicken before, and it all comes down to how the domesticated chicken has adapted to farm life. 

When and Why  Do Chickens Fly?

One of the most common questions about chicken flight is when they do it, and why.

Can Chickens Fly? Yes! Well, kinda.


When They Become Startled

When startled, chickens may take flight for a short distance to escape, an instinct that keeps them safe from predators.

When They Are Roosting for The Night

Chickens will sometimes take flight when they are roosting for the night, to stay safe while sleeping.

When They Are Hungry

If the food available to your chickens while they free range is inadequate or scarce, they may resort to short bursts of flight into neighboring spaces in search of food.

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