Can Chickens Eat Tomatoes?

Are They Toxic?

Chickens can eat tomatoes. They are attracted to the red color, and seem to enjoy the flavor. Tomatoes have numerous minerals and vitamins which are beneficial for chickens, aiding their general health.

Are Tomatoes Safe?

Tomatoes are safe for chickens to eat. They do not contain anything harmful, even if tomatoes are eaten in large quantities by chickens.

Are Tomatoes Good For Chickens?

Tomatoes contain many vitamins and minerals that are beneficial to chickens. They prevent nutrient deficiencies and improve the overall health of chickens.

Can Chickens Eat Tomatoes?


Folic Acid In Tomatoes Is Good For Chickens

Tomatoes contain a good deal of folic acid which is a B-group vitamin (B9). Folic acid is essential in the regeneration of cells and tissue.

Vitamin K In Tomatoes Helps Hatch Strong Chicks

Tomatoes are a bountiful source of vitamin K, making it a good reason to feed them to chickens.

Tomatoes Contain Essential Potassium  

Tomatoes contain potassium which is an essential component of electrolyte balance in chickens.

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