Bresse Chicken

Why We Decided To Raise Bresse Chickens

This is due largely to the special, secretive way that the Bresse is traditionally reared in France but the Bresse also has a unique metabolism that differs from other chicken breeds.

Top Reasons To Choose The Bresse For Your Homestead

As mentioned the Bresse is an excellent meat bird, but it is also an excellent layer, producing anywhere from 200-250 eggs annually.

In History

The story of the poulet de Bresse, with its steel blue feet and bright white plumage, begins in 1591 when the bird was first mentioned in the town registers of Bourg-en-Bresse.

Why We Decided To Raise Bresse Chickens


Brooding Your New Chicks At Home

The most important part of brooding your new chicks will be heat and temperature control, fresh clean water, feed, and bedding.

Incubating & Hatching Eggs Is Easy

Anyone can easily incubate eggs at home. We have the HovaBator incubator and have done several successful hatches with it.

How We're Replicating The Very Unique French Bresse Diet Ourselves

Their metabolism, unique to chickens as far I have been able to discern, allows them to metabolize their food in a way where their flesh will marble similar to how beef does.

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